Carbon Gangways GS Composite

  • GS_1 Carbon Gangways
  • GS_2 Carbon Steering Wheels
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  • GS_5 Carbon Steering Wheels
  • GS_6 Carbon Gangways

Carbon Gangways

Composite carbon gangways are a leap forward in nautical accessory design and are the first gangways manufactured by the VARTM system. Their extraordinary design, technological innovation and practical value launched GS Composite carbon gangways into the top tier of nautical equipment manufacturers and are now a must-have aftermarket accessory. GS Composite provides a complete range of models and styles, with fixture/fitting options, custom colors, and teak surfacing all available along with a vast number of accessories. These gangways are fully customizable. In 2009 they were awarded with The Prestigious DAME Award for Design and Functionality.


Carbon Steering Wheels

Using the technologies acquired over many years of testing and development carbon gangways, GS Composite started producing of carbon steering wheels using No bonding technology. All wheels are made as one part, which allows incredible modern, minimalistic design. To match the varying requirements of modern boat designs, there are two models to choose from: The Classic 4 spoke, ultra-slim wheel designed for elegant sailing yachts, and The Race 3 Y spoke, performance model for sailors with a performance spirit. All wheels are made in the EU and are certified by Germanischer Lloyd certificate.


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